ザラついた音の質感を綿密に構成し、様々なジャンルを横断していくアーティスト。アメリカ西海岸LAでの活動、国内ではクリエイティビティーを第一に高く掲げたレーベル"TAMURA"を自身で設立、アート性の高い実験的で挑戦的な作品をこれまでに"C" / “BUUUUUL SHHHHHIT" / "SMAAAAALL BEAAAAATS" の3枚をリリースしている。

Profile :

Tokyo resident Fumitake Tamura, more know as BUN is a multi talented producer. Putting himself into one of Japan's top art & musical education schools, Tokyo University of Art where he learned Classical and Contemporary Classical Music composition. Although, his productions are based on Hip Hop, Electronics, Dub, Jazz and Drone, with a rough texture layered, abstractly creating a mood as if the orchestra being replaced with samples.

After releasing enough albums, EPs and producing tracks for top underground Japanese MCs, he got hooked up by Ryuichi Sakamoto's 'commons' label and released album "BIRD" in 2011. Also connecting with dublab and many L.A. artists, he got his track included in "KUTMAH MIX" mix-CD alongside with Madlib, Ras G, Flying Lotus and many more.

He founded a personal-label 'TAMURA' that holds up creativity first, and has released three experimental and challenging titles "C", “BUUUUUL SHHHHHIT", "SMAAAAALL BEAAAAATS". Another release on bandcamp - "Kayabe", including eclectic samples from orchestras to Roy Ayers, it's a very well layered and abstractly tailored instrumental album as well.

2012 April, he will be performing at Sonar Sound Tokyo - International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art, and in May he will be joining L.A.'s highly acclaimed party - Low End Theory as the first Japanese to perform a live set.

BUN / Fumitake Tamura

Photo by AOKI takamasa